Why Viethouse Hanoi?

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Why Viethouse Hanoi?

  • That's a good question.
    „Why would we choose to stay at Viethouse?“, could you ask , as you browse through the opulent offerings of felt 999 other hotels in Hanoi.

    Well, let us introduce ourselves:

    I am Heiko, a true „Berliner“ of the sixties, whose life keeps filling with new adventures as soon as the sun rises, each and every day.

    I come from a telecommunications background and swapped my ties and Italian leather shoes with more comfortable cottons and footwear more than 10 years ago and wouldn’t trade a kingdom for going back to this previous life...

    Viethouse’s First Lady is my wonderful wife Ly: A world-traveller and globetrotter from the bottom of her heart, who happened to arrive in Berlin in the late eighties and decided the city reminded her well enough of her hometown Hanoi. Berlin was to be Ly’s chosen homeland for the next 30 odd years until „Fernweh’s“ calling reminded her of the joys of travelling again.

    Once the kids have left the house and discovered the vast and fast world for themselves too, what else then would one wish to do but to explore the boundless globe again?

    Thus, we packed our bags, sold the house, kissed our loved ones good-bye and waved out of the car windows, as they recovered from the news that this voyage will not end with a timely return. Whatever that meant then and continues to mean to us until this day is free for interpretation...

    Our first moves within Vietnam saw us exploring the country, of course with the desire to discover places far away from the beaten tracks and well known insider tips every travel book offers its adventurous reader. So we listened to those, who pride themselves with all adjectives promising individualism, traditional this-and-thats and exclusive here-and-theres, only to find this is the charmingly well trained jargon of those selling a country for profit, rather than its true beauty. The lessons we learned hence, were many tongue-in-cheek-matter-of-fact-oh-the-irony-exercises.

    We vowed to never ever go down that rabbit hole of „individual travelling“ again and „if we ever have to give advice to anybody on where to go to discover Vietnam in depth, we shall do so completely differently!“. Meaning: honestly, consciously and wisely...

    Fast forward a decade from then:

    Over the years our guests have been enjoying distinctively lovely and charming journeys and experiences, which are all underlined by our own ever-growing love for Vietnam, our own experiences, respectively our own travel-philosophy and, of course, our own history.

    If this is the kind of individual travel-experience you wish to embrace, if this resonates with your inner globetrotter and world explorer, do share your travel wishes with us and allow us to put together a customised itinerary to bring you as close as possible to life in Vietnam, so that you find yourself utterly immersed and wrapped in it.

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