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Viethouse Hanoi
Hoan Kiem District
23C Hang Hanh
Vietnam- Hanoi


contact details
mail:   info@viethouse.org
mobile: +84 988 844 301 (inkl. whatsapp)


The lake’s beautiful surrounding streets are closed off to motorised vehicles from Friday 7pm until Sunday midnight.
Hanh Hanh street is also partially closed during these times, which requires a short walk from the main street to arrive at Viethouse.

airport bus
Transfers from the airport to the city are offered and can be inquired about directly with your respective airline. The main departure area is nearby the airports arrival hall and drop off within the city depends on the operating bus service. Departure schedules are available online. 


Find taxis just outside the airport’s arrival hall and choose either one of the three state-owned and operated taxi providers to avoid a costly „first taxi experience“ :

Dai Nam Taxi 
Noi Bai Taxi
Hanoi Taxi

All taxis are metered and fares are calculated in Vietnamese Dong. No need to pay drivers in foreign currencies (e.g. US $), as this will certainly accrue a rather lavish fare...

chauffeur & car
We will also gladly arrange for a private driver to meet you at the airport’s arrival gate to take you straight to our place. 
This service is only available to guests of Viethouse Hanoi.
To have you scheduled for a driver pick up, simply forward us your arrival details (Full name, flight number, ETA).
Payment is due at check out. 

The overall journey from the airport to our place takes about one hour.


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The family room and our penthouse are not listed in any portals. If you are interested, please ask us directly.

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